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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the process take?


The process varies from property to property to property many because of the many variables involved. eg how big the rooms are , how many rooms are being cleaned. how dirty / spotty the carpet is. but at most it should take no longer than 2 hours (worst case)in a room.

How long does a carpet take to dry?


A carpet can vary as it depends on what type of material the carpet is. How dirty the carpet is etc. This is because the the amount of water used varies to how much dirt there is. A powerful pre spray is used to help break down the dirt etc but dry times still vary hugely.

I well aired room will take a lot less time to dry than a sealed box room.


What machine is used?

I use a Amtech CFR500 professional carpet & upholstery cleaning machine. These machines are used a lot in the aviation industry to clean airplanes. They are also used for trains , hospitals , pubs , clubs , homes , schools , etc. The CFR500 has high suction and high pressure to get deep into the carpet pile.


Do you need anything from me?

The only requirement from you (the customer) is for some where to plus my machine in.(electricity) Although the machine in most cases in left out side the property i still need electricity to power the machine. This would need to be a double, direct to the mains socket. (no extensions)

I've never had a carpet cleaner in before , what kind of work have you done?

I have encountered most problems from vomit , heavy soil , smelling , urine , pets , kids. etc. I have worked with care homes and many many domestic / residential properties. Please see some of my feedback left by some happy customers

My carpet is really bad and it has dried paint all over it. Can this be removed.

I try my best to clean all fabrics and carpets to the best of my ability , but some times the carpets have the upper hand and are just not cleanable. Not all stains , paint , damage will come out of the carpet / upholstery and are therefore permanent.



Areas Covered include:

Chesterfield , Mansfield , Matlock , Darley Dale , Alfreton,Sheffield and all, areas inbetween